25 years of art in Napa Valley

Shake things up at your next corporate event with a fresh and meaningful gift. Just the motivation needed - for success on a shoestring!

Passionately creative. Whether torching, forging, brazing or soldering... at the heart of Lisa's work - you will always find fire.

Handcrafted, custom wine accessories that give your customers something memorable to hold onto... 

long after the bottle is empty.

corporate swag​ shoetagz

Custom winerelics


metal art | jewelry

Ordinary objects - extraordinary design. Jeff's spheres are beautiful and thought provoking. His new work is just rolling right out of the studio.


​​metal art 

Jeff Jacklich • Lisa Splendid Jacklich 

art & soul

NAPA VALLEY ART WORKS metal art & jewelry

NAPA VALLEY ART WORKS metal art & jewelry

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